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> Saskatoon Public Library's entertainment video collection consists of classics,
> foreign films and current releases. We are investigating the feasibility of
> allowing patrons to request or place holds on these items. We would appreciate
> a response to the following questions as well as any other comments you care
> to make.

> 1). Do you purchase current releases?

Yes, as soon as they reach "sell through" price.

> 2). Do you accept holds on entertainment videos?

Absolutely. They are treated the same way as all library materials.

> 3). Do you limit the number of holds one patron may have? If so, what is the
> limit?

The limit at our library is for "all" holds regardless of
material type. The holds can be for all videos...or all
"entertainment" videos, or a mix of materials. This limit is 20
at any given time, but there is no annual total limit of any kind.

> 4). Do you purchase extra copies of a title to meet demands? If so, do you
> have a pre-determined ratio of number of requests to the number of copies
> purchased?

Given budget restrictions, we can only buy one copy per branch
(we have 3 branches) regardless. This is the one rule we have
that I disagree with. We have a ten to 1 ratio for popular best
selling books. The argument given back to me when I question
this, is that there "are" other places to rent this type of video at a
fairly low cost, but there is nowhere to rent books.


> 5). What if any impact on your materials budget has this had?

Since there has been no "new" money for a long time, the total
materials budget is just distributed differently. We consider
feature films on video to be the equivalent of popular fiction
books. Music and other "entertainment" videos are purchased
in the same way that we would choose books for the non fiction

> We would appreciate a response by January 31. Thank you for your time.
> Carol Hutchinson
> Saskatoon Public Library

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