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Georgia Adams (
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 14:28:00 -0600

I have an instructor looking for a series.

"Practical Guide to the Universe" there are 10 video programs in
this series about 30 minutes long. 1. Beginning of Time. 2. Universe Next
Door. 3. Astrol. 4. Five and Ice. 5. The Sun Our Closest Star. 6. Stars and
Star Dust. 7. Glacier. 8. Calling All Planets. 9. The Time Travelers. 10. The
Universe Around Us Plant Earth.

The Learning Channel about the fall of 1993 of Spring 1994. Narrated by Tom

Or how I could contact The Learning Channel for this series.
Anyone know of a distributor?

Thanks for your help.

Georgia Adams
William Jewell College
Liberty, Mo. 64068