jane devine (
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 09:31:41 -0800 (PST)

I select feature films for the Vancouver Public Library's Fine Arts &
Music Division. In answer to your questions:

1. Current releases - we buy foreign-language titles covering the history
of world cinema, classics, Canadian feature films in French and English
and are building our animation collection. We don't buy other
English-language new releases which are readily available at video stores,
with certain exceptions such as musicals and some films based on books. We
generally apply a 10-year rule to English titles - if they stand the test
of time and are still considered outstanding, we buy them.

2 & 3. Patrons get 24 free holds per year and pay 50 cents per hold after
that. This applies to videos and other material at the Central Library
and our 20 branches. They may borrow 3 videos for 7 days. No renewals on
videos and CDs because of the high demand and no inter-library loan.

4. NA. We buy 2 copies of some popular titles meeting the above criteria.
Some of our branches also have small video collections and buy their own
Please contact me off the list if you have any other questions about our
video collection.
Jane Devine
Librarian, Fine Arts & Music Division
Canadian Representative/
Representante canadienne, ARLIS/NA
Vancouver Public Library
350 West Georgia St., Vancouver, B.C.
V6B 6B1
tel:(604)331-3699 / fax:(604)331-3701

> Saskatoon Public Library's entertainment video collection consists of classics,
> foreign films and current releases. We are investigating the feasibility of
> allowing patrons to request or place holds on these items. We would appreciate
> a response to the following questions as well as any other comments you care
> to make.
> 1). Do you purchase current releases?
> 2). Do you accept holds on entertainment videos?
> 3). Do you limit the number of holds one patron may have? If so, what is the
> limit?
> 4). Do you purchase extra copies of a title to meet demands? If so, do you
> have a pre-determined ratio of number of requests to the number of copies
> purchased?
> 5). What if any impact on your materials budget has this had?
> We would appreciate a response by January 31. Thank you for your time.
> Carol Hutchinson
> Saskatoon Public Library