Nancy Miller (
Wed, 15 Jan 97 11:35:33 EST

According to
> Saskatoon Public Library's entertainment video collection consists of classics,
> foreign films and current releases. We are investigating the feasibility of
> allowing patrons to request or place holds on these items. We would appreciate
> a response to the following questions as well as any other comments you care
> to make.
> 1). Do you purchase current releases?
We purchase them used from DVA 30 and receive them about 30
days after the street date.

> 2). Do you accept holds on entertainment videos?


> 3). Do you limit the number of holds one patron may have? If so, what is the
> limit?


> 4). Do you purchase extra copies of a title to meet demands? If so, do you
> have a pre-determined ratio of number of requests to the number of copies
> purchased?

No. Our collection was never intended to compete with the
local video rental store. We buy one copy and it is placed in
our Central Library. An online catalog and daily delivery
service allows access from our branch libraries.

> 5). What if any impact on your materials budget has this had?


Nancy M. Miller
Collection Management Librarian
Virginia Beach Public Library
Virginia Beach, Va. 23452