Stan Gilliam (stan@pals.guilford.edu)
Tue, 14 Jan 1997 12:47:25 -0800

In my crystal ball, I can see a couple of impediments to the onslaught of
One is the cost of the players. You have to have an entirely new
(expensive) player to view these things. It will take a while for the cost
to come down, and bugs to come out. However, this may happen rapidly, say
in one or two years.
The other has to do with recordability. VHS is so cheap and
convenient (tapes are reusable, etc.) I don't think dvd RECORDERS will be
in the first wave of equipment releases, at least not at a price most of us
will enjoy paying. To replace vhs, dvd will have do all the things vhs does,
including come in a camcorder.

At the turn of the new year, 1998, then 1999, let's look back and
see what has happened!