Update - Colonists for a Day

Marian Gruber (Mgruber@NKC1.OUC.bc.ca)
Tue, 14 Jan 97 09:18:00 PST

Thank you to all who responded to my query.

`Colonists for a Day` is indeed available from Film Australia. THA Media in
Vancouver, B.C., is the Canadian distributor.

I spoke with Doris, who was very helpful. THA does not have the title in
stock but can get it if we are prepared to pay the price which would likely
run at $500, or higher. The cost runs high when they are faced with
transferring from the 1" format . The master would have to be shipped to
Toronto to a special post production unit for transferring to VHS, plus some
profit ... and it gets up there. THA will keep us in mind should the title
become readily available and at a more affordable price.

For those needing the address:

Doris Baltruschat,
Educational Media Sales
THA Media
#307 - 1200 W. Pender Street
Vancouver B.C., Canada
V6E 2S9
tel (604) 687-4215
fax (604) 688-8349
e-mail: tha.sales@thamedia.com
toll free (800) 661-4919


Marian Gruber
Okanagan University College
3333 College Way
Kelowna, B.C. Canada
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