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I would say that the main benefit of DVD would be that it is compact.
VHS is a terribly clunky medium. What say, folks?

Beth Blenz-Clucas
Portland, OR

On Tue, 14 Jan 1997, Judy
Jones wrote:

> I've written here before, but will say it again. What's wrong with
> VHS in dynamic (not archival) collections? I am not a Luddite for
> heaven's sake, I've been in the technology business for many years.
> However, there comes a time when maybe we should just say NO. I
> feel that many times invention is purely for consumption purposes.
> Next DVD, then what? Am I alone here?
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> I recently received this and thought it might be of interest to
> videolibbers. Has anyone out there started thinking about the impact of
> DVD will have on libraries? Perhaps I missed a discussion thread on this
> in the past.
> My concern is two-fold: One: Yet ANOTHER format to deal with...and, Two: an
> easier item to steal (er, permanently borrow).
> Anyone else care to share their opinions?
> Kimberly Hale, Acquisitions Librarian/Coordinator of Collection Development
> Columbia College Library
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> Here are two articles, courtesy of our friends at US LASER
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> [ARTICLE #1]
> Warner Home Video announces first DVD titles at Consumer Electronics Show
> Las Vegas, January 8
> Warner Home Video (WHV), a Time Warner Entertainment Company, will release
> the first DVD titles beginning in spring 1997. Released simultaneously
> with VHS, movies on DVD will be offered at affordable sell-through prices
> which should prove instrumental in popularizing the DVD format. Titles
> scheduled for March include "Space Jam" and "Twister," with future
> releases such as "Sleepers," "Michael Collins," "Mars Attacks!" and
> "Michael" to be available concurrent with their VHS counterparts.
> "We are confident that consumers will be impressed by DVD's superior
> quality and features," said Warren Lieberfarb, WHV President. "We are
> proud that Warner Bros. is among the first major studios to announce
> titles for this next-generation format."
> Stored on a disc the same size as a music CD, DVD's enormous digital
> storageprovides an exceptional picture and theater-quality Dolby Digital
> surround sound. DVD offers the experience of watching movies in multiple
> screen formats including the original theatrical widescreen version. An
> interactive, on-screen menu system allows DVD users to switch between
> multiple language tracks and/or subtitles. Viewers can also choose to
> watch the original theatrical trailer as well as explore material about
> the cast, director and making of the film.
> Upcoming disc content may carry other additional features including:
> running director commentary, behind-the-scenes footage, storyboards,
> internet browser capability, director's cut versions, screen tests and
> interviews with cast and crew.
> Warner Home Video DVD Launch Titles
> Batman
> Blade Runner: The Director's Cut
> The Bodyguard
> The Bridges of Madison County
> Bonnie & Clyde
> Casablanca
> The Color Purple
> Doctor Zhivago
> Eraser
> The Exorcist
> The Fugitive
> The Glimmer Man
> Gone with the Wind
> Goodfellas
> Interview with the Vampire
> JFK: Special Edition Director's Cut
> Lethal Weapon
> The Road Warrior
> Singin' in the Rain
> Space Jam
> A Streetcar Named Desire
> A Time to Kill
> Twister
> Unforgiven
> Woodstock: The Director's Cut
> Future Releases (simultaneously with VHS)
> Mars Attacks!
> Michael
> Michael Collins
> My Fellow Americans
> Sleepers
> ========================================================================
> [ARTICLE # 2]
> Las Vegas, NV (1/8/97)
> Columbia TriStar Home Video will release its first feature film titles in
> North America in the DVD format concurrent with the sale of Sony DVD
> players in April 1997, it was announced today by Benjamin Feingold,
> president of CTHV. More than 20 DVD titles are tentatively slated for
> release domestically during the first twelve months from the Sony product
> introduction. The titles will be made available to the traditional home
> video distribution network.
> The DVD release packages will comprise an attractive mix of new and
> classic hit films. Included are such blockbusters as "Jumanji" starring
> Robin Williams, "In the Line of Fire" starring Clint Eastwood and "Legends
> of the Fall" starring Sir Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt, as well as some
> of the best classic titles from the outstanding Columbia Pictures and
> TriStar Pictures film libraries such as "Taxi Driver" starring Robert
> DeNiro and Jodie Foster and "From Here to Eternity" starring Burt
> Lancaster, Deborah Kerr and Frank Sinatra. Included in this initial slate
> are such new titles as "Matilda" starring Danny Devito, Rhea Perlman and
> Mara Wilson and "Fly Away Home" starring Anna Paquin and Jeff Daniels.
> To meet the needs of every retailer during this initial release phase,
> DVDs will be packaged in either of two ways. One style is the
> VSDA-specified size packaging. The other option will be the traditional
> jewel case similar to that used by the music industry today.
> Actual pricing for DVD titles will be announced formally at a later date
> during the standard sales solicitation period currently followed by CTHV
> for its videocassette and laserdisc titles. Prices during the initial
> period will range between current VHS sell-through and laserdisc titles.
> In making the announcement, Benjamin Feingold, president of CTHV, stated
> "CTHV is very excited to be able to make titles available in the
> DVD format, an extraordinary technology which will deliver the best home
> entertainment experience ever. And we are committed to supporting the
> market by distributing the best possible titles available with appropriate
> and reasonable release schedules reflecting the growth of the format. CTHV will also
> support our distribution network by continuing to utilize our core sales and
> marketing infrastructure which is considered to be one of the best in the
> business."
> Columbia TriStar Home Video is a Sony Pictures Entertainment company. Sony
> Pictures' global operations encompass motion picture production and
> distribution, television programming and syndication, home video,
> operation of studio facilities, development and implementation of new
> entertainment technologies and distribution of filmed entertainment
> worldwide.
> Bad Boys
> Bram Stoker's Dracula
> Cliffhanger
> Close Encounters of the Third Kind: The Special Edition
> Desperado
> First Knight
> Fly Away Home
> Ghostbusters
> Glory
> In the Line of Fire
> Jumanji
> The Last Action Hero
> A League of Their Own
> Legends of the Fall
> Matilda
> The Net
> Philadelphia
> Sense and Sensibility
> Sleepless in Seattle
> Taxi Driver
> There you have it, the latest and greatest on DVD. From my understanding
> the average price per disc will be $19.99-$39.99. And new releases will
> come out at the same time as the re-price on video tape (6 months after the
> initial rental release!), at least that is what the latest article in VIDEO
> BUSINESS stated.
> Thanks
> Marc