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Stan Diamond (sxd@psulias.psu.edu)
Wed, 8 Jan 1997 08:58:33 -0400

Jim, Penn State has this title for rent. Here is the catalog listing,
please call the 800# below to arrange for a booking. (It appears to be
available next week).
You can search our catalog directly from our web site.

Title Myths and the Moundbuilders (60374)
Physical Color; sound
Copyrighted 1981
Length 59:00 min
Distributor PBS Video (PBS)
Audience SCA

Synopsis Discusses the myths that developed among Americans during
the 1800s which held that the huge earthen mounds found in
the central United States were built by a "lost"
civilization. Explains how archaeologists discovered that
the mounds were really the work of early Native Americans
and describes the continuing process of learning more about
the ancient moundbuilders. From the Odyssey series.

Subjects Indians of North America; Archaeology; Anthropology(CANT);
History & Politics(CHST)

Holdings VHS, 1 copy, Rent $14.00


>I have a faculty member wanting to show a video next week called Myths and
>Moundbuilders. I believe it might be from the Odyssey series. Does anyone
>have an idea where I can rent this? Thanks for any help!!
>Jim Glenn
>Head, Media Library
>University of California, Riverside

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