Deluxe Platoon Laser Disc Set

Christopher lewis (
Tue, 07 Jan 1997 15:58:33 -0500

We just got the deluxe Platoon laser disc set and upon giving it a
technical review, we noticed it has 1) regular soundtrack 2) 2-hour
Oliver Stone commentary and 3) 2-hour military advisor commentary. The
problem is we got Stone coming in on channel one (on top of the
soundtrack) and the military advisor coming in on channel two (also on
top of the soundtrack) but we can't figure out how to get just the
soundtrack without commentary. There is nothing in the packaging to
indicate this isn't possible. We have tried it on three machines
Panasonic 6000, Panasonic 8000, and Panasonic 1200 and couldn't figure
out a way to get more than two channels of sound or to isolate
tracks any other way than the usual turning on and off of individual
channels. If anybody has purchased this Platoon set or any other laser
disc set that has similar features, I will appreciate all light shed on
the problem.

Chris lewis American U.