RuPaul video

Merle J. Slyhoff (
Fri, 20 Dec 1996 14:34:58 -0500 (EST)

Since I have asked about the RuPaul video "Back to My Roots" on
this list on more than one occasion, I thought I would give you
an update.

In desparation, I was going to send RuPaul a letter care of VH-1
(where his new show airs). Then I decided to see if there was a
RuPaul homepage. Not only did I find the homepage, but also a
reference to "Inside RuPaul," a "music video compilation
specially made for cyberfans." And what should be included but
"Back to My Roots." A quick call to LA to get the phone number
of the company listed (his production/management company) and for
$28.00 the video is on its way. After a 2 year search!

Ah, the power of the web...


And yes, it really is for a law class!
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