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If a video or book gets "stolen" or, is "missing", replacement costs for the
item is charged plus a $20.00 reprocessing fee for videos and $10.00 per
book - this includes time taken for overdue notices, long distance telephone
charges etc.
If a patron all of a sudden finds the material after they are given notice
of the bill forthcoming, invoices are cancelled upon arrival of the material.

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>> I am interested in other libraries policies on the following issues:
>> 1). What do you do when a patron has library materials stolen from them
>> while signed out on their card?
>Surprisingly, this doesn't seem to happen that often but, when it does, we
>inform the patron that they are responsible for items checked out to them,
>no matter what. The luckier patrons will have theft insurance. We *do*
>try to help out in the sense that we evaluate the stolen items and try to
>reduce their liability, e.g., if a video has checked out 200 times, we'll
>cut the replacement cost by half or whatever.
> >
>> Do you allow patrons to replace stolen materials with identical or
>> similar material or are they required to pay replacement costs. If
>> they pay a replacement cost is it the cost of the video and cataloguing?
>> (For example we charge $25.00 for entertainment videos, $25.00 for CD
>> replacements of a single CD..
>Yes, we allow identical or similar replacements. We won't accept an
>extended play video for a standard play, however. And we charge the
>retail replacement price only, not the cost of re-processing
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>Hope this
>> Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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