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> I am interested in other libraries policies on the following issues:
> 1). What do you do when a patron has library materials stolen from them
> while signed out on their card?

Surprisingly, this doesn't seem to happen that often but, when it does, we
inform the patron that they are responsible for items checked out to them,
no matter what. The luckier patrons will have theft insurance. We *do*
try to help out in the sense that we evaluate the stolen items and try to
reduce their liability, e.g., if a video has checked out 200 times, we'll
cut the replacement cost by half or whatever.
> Do you allow patrons to replace stolen materials with identical or
> similar material or are they required to pay replacement costs. If
> they pay a replacement cost is it the cost of the video and cataloguing?
> (For example we charge $25.00 for entertainment videos, $25.00 for CD
> replacements of a single CD..

Yes, we allow identical or similar replacements. We won't accept an
extended play video for a standard play, however. And we charge the
retail replacement price only, not the cost of re-processing
Hope this

> Any information would be greatly appreciated.
> Carol Hutchinson
> Saskatoon Public Library

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