Search: "Rearden Plays Rearden"
Mon, 25 Nov 96 15:20:52 CST

I'm looking for a sales (or rental) distributor for a VHS copy (with
public performance rights) of:


The only reference I've found claims the "publisher is Phillip Morris"
and that it's 28 minutes (1990). Our Museum of Art and Archaeology
thinks it may be a Third World Cinema release.

Description: Incisive and innovative study of Romare Bearden, the
renowned black artist, shows how his southern roots and years in
Harlem have influenced his paintings and collages. In depicting
through his paintings the black experience in America, he has been
compared to such blues/jazz artists as Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday
and Duke Ellington. James Earl Jones narrates. Winner of the Silver
Hugo Award from the Chicago International Film Festival.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to reply directly to
me at

John Fick
University of Missouri
Academic Support Center