Developmental Disabilities Grant

Audio-Visual Department (
Tue, 26 Nov 1996 07:40:58 -0500 (EST)

Select NYS Public Library Systems have received a Developmental
Disabilities Planning Council Grant for, among a number of services,
placing select videos in library collections. The Mid-Hudson Library
System will be coordinating the compilation of title lists and the
coordinating of the orders. In order to expedite this compilation, we
are requesting your input with recent titles, descriptions and prices
(discount, if known, without quantity) on the following subjects:
Prevention and intervention in childhood developmental disabilities
including such areas as:
-healthy, preganancy (and prenatal care);
-information about standard child development;
-speech and language development;
-parenting the child with such disabilities as: Autism; Epilepsy;
learning disabilities; mental retardation;;
Please NOTE:
-all titles should be culturally appropriate;
-recent releases (please supply dates with lists);
-preferably with reviews (or other professional recognition);
-preferably with public performance rights;
-discounted for public library system consortium purchasing.

Thank you for your help. PLease fax or e-mail me directly at
914-471-1885-11111: e-mail:
Mary Keelan, Director for Development & Resource Management
Mid-Hudson Library System - 103 Market St. P'ok. NY 12601