Re: Student groups & public performance

Kino International Corporation (
Wed, 20 Nov 1996 17:45:44 -0500

Actually REEFER MADNESS is Public Domain and you could show it. There are
many titles that were either never copyrighted or which were not renewed (
the law has changed in this regard). In some cases a video version of a PD
title may be copyrighted by "special contents" such as colorization or new
music score. Kino does this with all our silent films. I know Video
Yesteryear and I am sure they did not spend the money for special contents
or Submit material to the Library of Congress.

I was not sure what you meant about documentaries. If they are
copyrighted, you could not use them for a student group. It is not always
easy to know what is PD without an actual search at the copyright office.

In short let em enjou REEFER MADNESS but be careful on other stuff


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