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>A couple of suggestions that might prove useful to you:

Liz Keim and Marina MacDougall, video curators at the Exploratorium in San
Francisco, would almost certainly be able to point you to some interesting
material. They stage an annual festival of videos by young people. They can
be reached at 415-563-7337.

Other leads:

Educational Video Center, New York, 212-725-3534. A nonprofit that has for
many years run media programs for kids. Videos produced by EVC kids have
won numerous awards and have been aired nationally.

Kathleen Tyner, Strategies for Media Literacy, San Francisco, 415-565-3089,
has information and databases about educators making media with kids.

Kathi Wheater, Say! Project, San Francisco, 415-626-9076, directs a
nonprofit that runs media programs for kids.

Stu McGowan, Noodlehead Network, Vermont, 802-863-6968, has been making
media with kids for years, and is connected with other producers and
organizations nationally who work with kids and media.

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> I am programming a series on videos produced by young people and would
> like to know if anyone has any recommendations. My email address is
> Thank You
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