Videos on babysitting

Jason Hamer (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 16:09:15 -0600

Mr. Huntzinger:

Our company carries the following videos:

1)Finding Quality Child Care
This program gives you solid information and guidelines for evaluating
the quality of any childcare program you might be considering. Learn
what question you should ask and what to look for. See what quality
childcare environments look like.
$19.95 45m. 1995 VL 4* 04/96. BL 05/15/96.

2)Life for Little Ones
Created to enable parents, baby-sitters and caretakers to deal with
unexpected, life-threatening emergencies. Step-by-step instructions in
CPR, the Heimlich maneuver and poisoning. Easy to follow and review.
$29.95 14m. 1995

Both videos come with PP rights. The first video, as noted, was reviewed
in Video Librarian and Booklist. If these are not exactly what you are
looking for, you can contact me directly via email or phone and I will
check for a more appropriate title(s) in our Parenting category.

Jason Hamer
Instructional Video