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This is off the usual path for both VIDEOLIB & AMIA-L(cross posted). Since
both lists cover a very wide swath across the media world, I thought I would
throw the question out.

A faculty member here at UCSD is trying to get permission to use 2 or 3
stills from Kurasawa's DREAMS in an article he is writing. The article is
to be published in a very, esoteric, small circ. academic journal. He wrote
to Warner Bros. & received back a reply stating that they charge $250.00 per
image for N. American publication. I belive he sent his request letter
blind to Warner's & it found its way to licensing. He does not want to do
anything questionable but are there more appropriate persons to contact, or
less expensive options, other then not using stills at all.
Thanks in advance.


Hello to my friends on both lists. I feel like I've dropped out/off both
orgs. But sometimes duties keep me closer to home then I would prefer.


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