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<< This is a query from an instructor as to whether there is a
recent up-date to the GED series. This is a series that covers
literacy skills, math, science for people trying for the GED
exam. >>


The most update series that Vide-O-Go carries for the GED was completed in
1993... there have been no changes to the exam since that time. The 5-tape
program that we distribute includes 11 hours of material as follows:

GED Writing Skills - One VHS Tape - 120 minutes - $39.95
GED Social Skills - One VHS Tape - 120 minutes - $39.95
GED Science - One VHS Tape - 135 minutes - $39.95
GED Interpreting Literature And The Arts - One VHS Tape - 135 minutes -
GED Mathematics - One VHS Tape - 160 minutes - $39.95

Each tape includes a study guide along with our standard Videolib subscriber
library discount of 15% off the MSRP. If we can help you further with more
in depth information, please contact us directly.

Wishing you continued success...

Dean W. Stevens, ceo
Vide-O-Go, Inc. / That's Infotainment! Multimedia Learning Center
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Princeton, NJ 08543-2994
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