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Dear Judy Richter,

The Cinema Guild distributes a tape on serial killers entitled Murder, No
Apparent Motive. We also distirbute 2 tapes on Ireland entitled Mother
Ireland and To Live for Ireland. I have supplied synosis' for all below. I
you would like to order purchase or preview copies please feel free to
contact me at the numbers indicated below.

Marlene Graham
Sales Director
The Cinema Guild
1697 Broadway, Suite 506
New York, NY 10019
(212) 246-5522(phone) (212) 246-5525(fax)
website: (features our complete

Examines the growing phenomenon of serial murders in the U.S.,
their underlying causes, and ways in which the killers can be more
quickly identified and apprehended. The film discusses such serial
killers as the son of Sam, John Wayne Gacy, the Boston Strangler,
the Hillside Strangler, Wayne Williams, and presents detailed case
studies of convicted killers Ted Bundy and Edmund Kemper, plus
interviews with the families of victims, law enforcement
officals,and psychologists.
Produced by Imre Horvath
1984, color, 60 mins., video
Purchase: $350 Rental: $95
* Gold Medal, New York Festival of Film and Video
* Silver Award, CINDY
"...vivid...a horrifyingly true documentary...will send chills up
your spine...Rarely do we get a chance to get inside a murderer's
mind thank goodness. But when there is an opportunity, a distant
opportunity from across a television screen, then it is an
invitation to explore another universe." USA Today
"...grimly fascinating...a chilling warning." Booklist (American
Library Association)
*** Good "Diverse elements of narration, interview, and reenactment
never allow the viewer's attention to lag." Video Rating Guide for
"...hard-hitting...important." The Chicago Tribune

Examines the imagery which for centuries has portrayed Ireland as
a woman and discusses the social function of these romantic
stereotypes of Irish womanhood and their relationship to the
nationalist struggle and Irish women today. Archival footage and
newsreels, photos and graphic, and period songs and music are
interwoven with numerous interviews.
Directed by Anne Crilly
1988, color, 52 mins., video
Purchase: $350 Rental: $90
**** " extremely well-done, thought-provoking, and powerful
video." Video Rating Guide for Libraries
*** "Fascinating...Good use of popular and folk music to heighten
emotional content." AFVA Evaluations (American Film and Video
"A well-marshaled eloquent argument for the
reshaping of Ireland's image and the political and economic
fortunes of its women." Booklist (American Library Association)

Examines the political turmoil and sectarian violence that has
racked Northern Ireland for the last twenty years by profiling the
efforts of the Social Democrat and Labor Party (SDLP) to achieve
peace in Northern Ireland through nonviolent means.
Directed by Mary Pat Kelly
1986, color, 30 mins., 16mm film/video
Purchase: 16mm NA/video $250 Rental: $55
* Special Jury Award, San Francisco Film Festival
* Emmy Nominee/Best Documentary, National Academy of TV Arts and
Sciences (Chicago Chapter)
"...well-produced...offers graphic insights into the roots of
sectarian bitterness...Recommended to all those interested in
Northern Ireland." Choice (American Library Association)
"...a revealing and fascinating portrait. The Chicago Sun-Times
" excellent documentary." Variety