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We are the distributor of the video you are looking for, which is titled
"Pipe City." The description follows. If you would like me to send you a
complete brochure describing all of our titles dealing with history, please
contact me directly.

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Pipe City
This thoroughly researched historical documentary explores a fascinating
episode of the Depression era, when a community of homeless men lived in
unused portions of sewer construction pipe in Oakland, California. The
residents of Pipe City, as it was called, created a unique cooperative that
set them apart from other shacktowns and "Hoovervilles" prevalent at the
time. They bartered for food, maintained their community, searched for
work, and even elected their own mayor and police chief. The story is told
through rare archival film footage and photographs and commentary by
historians and former Pipe City neighbors. The video was produced by
Richard Heeger.

"A fascinating historical documentary... which also implicitly prompts
viewers to compare and contrast the Great Depression with the current
situation faced by the homeless and unemployed." -- Dr. Victor Rubin, Exec.
Director, University-Oakland Metropolitan Forum, Institute of
Urban and Regional Development, UC Berkeley

30 min. Color 1993 Catalog #38228
Sale: $175, Rental: $50

>Has anyone heard of a video title "Sewer Pipe City" which deals with people
>living in the Oakland sewers during the Depression? No hits on OCLC, or
>Bowker's. Thanks in advance for any info.
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