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Jim: Stan Diamond is correct, but if you don't want to deal with the
entire Copyright Law, you have options. In a message a couple of weeks
ago, I mentioned a book published by ALA and the NEA. I would start there. It's
probably already in your library; IU owns about 5 copies!

Bruwelheide, Janis. _The Copyright Primer for Librarians and
Educators_. Second edition. Chicago: ALA, 1995.

If you want to look at the actual section of the copyright law, see
"Classroom Use, Section 110(1)". The Off-Air Taping Guidelines are not
actually part of the law, but most copyright experts believe they have
the force of law. They were written by Rep. Robert Kastenmeier after he
convened a group of 19 educational users and copyright holders to write
guidelines on off-air taping. They were published in the October 14,
1979, _Congressional Record_, pp. E4750-E4752, but he entire text is in
the Bruwelheide book.

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On Thu, 7 Nov 1996, Jim Mumm wrote:

> Does videolib have a searchable archives?
> I am primarily interested in tracing back the string of questions
> surrounding face to face useage rights for home videos. (i.e. that one
> can use a video in a face-to-face teaching environment for 10 days (I
> believe), and then must destroy the tape within a certain time period
> (45 days is it?).)
> Perhaps more to the point, can someone please cite for me the code or
> regulation from which this line of thinking stems?
> Thanks for your help.
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