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These are not Ideas nor a line of thinking. What we are talking about is
clearly enumerated in the US Copyright law. Section 107 addresses the
issues of Fair use including the Off-air taping guidlelins which refer to
the 10/45 day use times. The other section relevant to this conversation
is 110 which addresses the face to face teaching exemption, which has
little to do with off air taping but which states that any! legally aquired
video may be used in a face to face teaching situation (some additional
limitations) without regard to copyright.

The Marquette Law Library surely has a copy of the copyright law for you to
look at. If not there are a number of copyright links on my web page as
well as the finalized version of the new guidlines for educational
multimedia. (url below). This is a complicated subject and there is much
misinformation. This means we must educate ourselve in this important area
so we can instruct our faculty and students in correctly using copyrighted

>Does videolib have a searchable archives?
>I am primarily interested in tracing back the string of questions
>surrounding face to face useage rights for home videos. (i.e. that one
>can use a video in a face-to-face teaching environment for 10 days (I
>believe), and then must destroy the tape within a certain time period
>(45 days is it?).)
>Perhaps more to the point, can someone please cite for me the code or
>regulation from which this line of thinking stems?
>Thanks for your help.
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