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My take is that this situation falls under the face-to-face teaching
exemption, and would be an acceptable public performance. Although there
seems to be a lot of confusion over "fair use" (all the way up to ALA's
attorneys), fair use has more to do with showing a "portion" of a
copyrighted work than in performing the entire work--which falls under
public performance. Here, the expertise of the late Ivan Bender, who knew
this subject far better than I, is sorely missed.

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On Wed, 6 Nov 1996, JROZGONYI wrote:

> Here's a question I'd love to throw out and have some folks
> chew over -- if that's even necessary.
> If we accept that Home Video versions of tapes are acceptable
> for use in classroom settings (as we do here at Ithaca College),
> is there a problem in allowing a student who is doing his or her
> student teaching assignment at a local elementary school to take
> a home video with them and use it as part of the instruction?
> In other words, is the elementary classroom an extension of the
> college classroom, or does taking the tape off-campus automatically
> remove it from the fair-use exemption?
> Any thoughts? Experiences?
> Jay Rozgonyi
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> Ithaca College
> Ithaca, NY