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I heartily agree that with Ivan's death we have lost a great friend
and a champion of fair use. For those who may not have had much contact
with Ivan recently, he has devoted the last two years of his life to
creating a new set of fair use guidelines to be added to the copyright law.

A small group of us, educators, librarians, and members of the
proprietary community have been meeting regularly under Ivan's sage
guidance to hammer out the details and language of fairuse guidelines for
the creation of educational multimedia projects for teaching and learning.
These guidelines are now complete and have been accepted by most of the
major educational groups and by almost all of the proprietary community.
Last month they were reviewed and accepted by Carlos Moorhead and Patricia
Schroeder for the House Judiciary committee in a "Non-legislative Review".
Although not yet officially part of "Legislative History", they are now
usable by educators and have as much force of law as the original off air
taping guidelines which Ivan wrote in 1979.

We are now at the point of informing as many educational
organizations and teacher and librarian groups about the existance of these
guidelines and asking these groups to join us in endorsing them and
bringing them to our constituents so they can use them. A fitting tribute
to Ivan's memory would be to join us in promoting and endorsing these
guidelines; to the creation of which, he devoted the last years of his

A copy of the guidelines currently resides on my website at:
Next week we will post a sample endorsement letter for you to print, sign
and return. If you have questions or want more information on how you can
help promote the guidelines, contact me at or Lisa
Livingston, (Ivan's co-chair on the guidelines task force) at
This would be a wonderful and fitting way to preserve the enormous
intellect and indominatable spirit that was Ivan.

Stan Diamond
>Sally-- A tjhoughtful and graceful tribute to a stalwart professional and
>great friend. Ivan's death reminds us how long we've been "fighting" the
>copyright issues, what wonderful individuals we are lucky to have in this
>field, and, on a personal level, how much we enjoyed Ivan's words of
>wisdom and great jokes at conferences over the years (all of them).
> Irene Wood
> Media Editor, Booklist
> American Library Association

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