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pmeans (
Mon, 04 Nov 96 14:53:00 EST

We bought a tape entitled ISHI THE LAST YAHI (The American Experience)
from Shanachie Entertainment Corp., 13 Laight St. 6th. Floor, New
York, NY 10013 for 19.95.

Pat Means
Austin College
Sherman, TX

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Subject: Searching for ISHI
Author: at internet
Date: 11/4/96 1:22 PM


Hoping your accumulated expertise might help me track down an old
NBC movie titled "ISHI: THE LAST OF HIS TRIBE" which was made in 1977 or 78.
Not to be confused with ISHI: THE LAST YAHI (1993).
It's not listed in the Video Source Book so I despair of finding it.
Any help gratefully received.

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