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I dont have the exact title you requested, but here is another title
shich may help you... If you would like to rent this, Please call the 800#

Title Ishi in Two Worlds (20769)
Physical Color; sound
Copyrighted 1967
Length 19:00 min
Distributor CRM Films (CRMP)
Audience JSCA

Synopsis Recounts the story of the Yahi Indians of California, and
of Ishi, the last person in North America to have spent
most of his life leading a totally aboriginal existence.
Ishi, the sole survivor of the Yahi, appeared suddenly near
the town of Oroville in 1911 and was taken to the Museum of
Anthropology at the University of California where he spent
the rest of his life helping record the history of his
people. Based on the book by Theodora Kroeber. Written,
directed, and produced by Richard C. Tomkins. Also see
[if]Ishi: The Last Yahi[rf] (62001).

Subjects Anthropology; Indians of North America; Biography -- Men;
History & Politics(CHST); Anthropology(CANT)

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