A Copyrighted Friend

Mon, 4 Nov 1996 09:45:16 -0500

Sad news for all those who have struggled with the copyright issue over the
years is the death last week of our friend (and sometimes friendly
adversary), Ivan Bender. And while those of us on the library side often
locked horns with him over his advocacy of the "business" side of the issue,
the battle was always professional, and Ivan was ever the true gentleman, in
all senses of the word.

Last summer, those of us who attended the VRT program at the ALA conference
in New York, witnessed Ivan, already badly weakened by brain cancer,
courageously carrying on his crusade for new copyright guidelines for
electronic media. It was simply inspiring. And the good news is he got to
see them adopted recently.

I will miss him enormously.

Sally Mason-Robinson