Re: Barcoding videos
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 12:54:47 -0500 (EST)

(I, too, am adding my comments, because I think you need a damage policy
to accompany barcodes on the tapes...)

We have been placing barcodes on the labels on the videotapes for 10
years. This was the practice before I got here, I wasn't crazy about it
but it's ok. We use an Amray box that has an easy opening with your thumb
feature: clerks feel it cuts down on repetitive motion strain. Until the
past year when we upgraded to better quality labels (they're thicker) we
also placed clear tape over the bar code. This caused more trouble as the
tapes were heavily used. Occasionally, a barcode comes up, causing the
tape to get stuck in a patron's VCR. We have a policy (stated on another
label that actually covers up the security strip on the front of the tape)
that we are not responsible for damage to their machines caused by our
tapes. We will, however, take the tape out if they bring in the VCR. (One
person wanted me to come to her house! I declined).

So, barcodes on the tapes do enable the clerks to see that the tape being
issued and/or returned is actually in the box.

Suzanne Johnson
Media Librarian
Longwood Public Library
800 Middle Country Road
Middle Island, NY 11953