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Marilyn B. Huntley (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 11:24:18 -0500

Has this subject been overdone yet? I hope not, because I'm finally
jumping in with my contribution. After the tale from Donald Chauncey about
all the errors his branch library made with barcodes on the cases, and
videos returned in the wrong cases, I just had to check with our media
library to ask about their experience with any such problem.

Our videos are barcoded with matching stickers on both the video and the
outside of the case. When tapes are returned, the student employees have
been instructed to open each case, check to see that the titles match on
case and video, and rewind if necessary before shelving. If a whole stack
has come in at once, they're supposed to open only one case at a time at
the rewinder so as to avoid any chance of confusion when reinserting tapes
into vacant cases. The system must work. With a collection of 2900 tapes,
there's been only one pair of shelved mismatches discovered so far this

P.S. Our 16mm films are barcoded similarly. Each cannister and its
enclosed film reel have matching barcode stickers, which does help when
multi-reel films come back to us from the projection booths.
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