RE: Barcoding videos
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 17:33:31 -0500 (EST)

I need to get my 2 cents worth into this discussion. We have always
barcoded the videocassette itself. We did allow one branch, for (
ergonometric reasons) to change its barcodes to the back of the case--the
same spot that we barcode books. It very quickly turned into a minor
disaster, since patrons returned mix-and-match videos in the wrong cases,
put their own videos in our cases, and several blank videos in our cases.
Branch skeleton staffs being what they are, there was never time to check
the cases for the right video; the cases were just discharged and put on
the shelves. Of course, the errors were not discovered until the next
patron, often irate, returned the videos with complaints. I'm not being
anal-retentive--this was dozens of errors a week in a medium branch with
only about 500 videos. The problem shelves were bulging. The time saved
in check out was lost (and then some) in rectifying the errors. Although
once the problem was apparent, and the branch tried extra vigilance at
check-in, the time to open and check the videos on return was considered
excessive. The branch decided to return tobarcoding the cassettes.
If you have a small, and very reliable clientele, you may not
experience this.

That's my tale from the crypt for this halloween.

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