Ralph Huntzinger (
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 12:35:04 +0000

Today seems to be my commenting day.

We traced some of our CD (audio) complaints to use of library
products in stacking or multiple CD players. These have critical
tolerances and it seems that adding the height of a label caused
problems when multiplied by six or eight CDs in the machine. Being
the common ground kind of place, we decided we would not change to
fit the specialized few but stay with providing many for the many --
"let the special ones eat cake".
CDROM is an altogether different animal along with other kinds of
"rapidly changing technology" "spinning platters".

We charge $10 for damage across the board for video damage, assuming
1) that was what it cost us to fix it if we did send it out for
fixing (as compared to replacing) and 2) it was token since we could
not pinpoint most damage until after the patron record was purged
and only the honest would tell us. (Think about damage as a way of
weeding the collection.)
It hurt to see a $500 business tape damaged and charged the same as a
$15 sell-through; but we could not come up with a "just" method for
charging when we knew we would only be charging those patrons who
were upfront and told us about the damage. We were also concerned
about frontline staff having to explain some complicated method to a
possible irate patron ("You're going to charge me $100 for THIS tape,
it was damaged when I got it.")
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