Re: Barcoding videos

Ralph Huntzinger (
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 10:40:58 +0000

Quick read on our experience: no risk. Only areas of concern I
can think of are physical (barcode coming off in machine) and
magnetic/content (erasing information on tape). Assume good quality
control is used to put barcode on video and therefore it won't come
off; scanning barcode with light has no magnetic erasing effect so no
problem there.
I come from the school of thought that places property label and identifing
information on the most significant item (when there is more than one
piece, like case and cassette) -- this way the "insignificant" items
get lost instead of the "significant one" if confusion occurs because
of mixups putting items together (for example, in the rush to check in a
mass of items when they are not returned together or just plain not
returned -- empty case.)

Now, if you had asked about rapidly spinning platters and placing
an unbalancing label on the disc ... How do I address an undersight
of placing barcodes on CDROM when they only rotated at 1X or 2X and
now spin at up to 10X -- any good crystal balls that work out there?

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