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Steven C. Matthew (
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Thank you for the warning. I have a professor that often says "It must be
in the public
public domain". I would like to have a reference that I could use to
investigate these matters but since I haven't received suggestions at this
time, I am inclined to believe that this is a fruitless search.

At 10:07 AM 10/19/96 -0700, you wrote:
> I am not aware of any up to date list of PD titles, but I would take such
>lists with caution. Any American titles which have gone PD should be
>safe,but keep in mind just because the film or image is PD, it is possible
>that other elements like the music or other rights are not. The much bigger
>problem is non-American material which in the past has been PD. One of the
>provisions of the GATT treaty was to retroactively re-copyright most non
>American films. This means that all that stuff from RULES OF THE GAME to
>The Lady Vanishes etc that had been in fact PD, no longer are. There is
>still plenty of PD material out there, but you have to be careful.
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