Program on Santiago pilgrimage

Harold David Rennie (
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 00:48:43 -0400

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Here in Nova Scotia, we get PBS from the U.S. (it used to be MPBN, but
was recently changed to WGBS). Last Thursday, October 24
(actually early morning October 25), I caught the end of a program on the
Santiago pilgrimage, which I think was co-produced by WNET and a British
company. The series in which it appeared is apparently called "Ancient
Roads" or "Ancient Trails". I looked--without success--for the title or
distribution information to appear in the closing credits. British
narrator, recent production.... If these clues mean anything to any of
you out there, I'd appreciate knowing the title and distribution
availability, if any.

Thanks in advance,
Harold Rennie
Halifax, Canada