Re: Taping from a broadcast.

Judy Jones (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 07:49:09 PST8PDT

More or less, my interpretation for off-air recording and fair use is
this: you may, at the faculty member's request, record a program
off-air. It must be used within 10 days for face-to-face instruction
and it may be used once more during that time for reinforcement. The
tape must be destroyed or recycled within 45 days. During that time,
hopefully one has purchased a legal copy if it is worthy of keeping.
A copy kept for educational or commercial purposes for two years is
very illegal.

Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 04:09:11 -0800
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Subject: Taping from a broadcast.


A Question -- A university in North Carolina called to ask if they could
duplicate a video of ours to use in an anthropology class on campus. The
problem -- they did not purchase the tape or rights to use the tape from
Appalshop. Apparently (from a conversation with a professor who wanted to
copy the tape) it was taped from a public television broadcast over two years
ago and is now being used in their media center.

What are our rights? I understand that the copying of material from a
broadcast is legal if it is used an educational setting, but the use is
limited to two weeks following the broadcast.

As I am fairly new here, and no one else seems to know, what is your opinion?
Is there a large publication in which I can purchase for reference? I need

Thanks, Carolyn Sturgill, Distributor, Appalshop Film & Video