Taping from a broadcast.

Mon, 28 Oct 1996 07:02:32 -0500


A Question -- A university in North Carolina called to ask if they could
duplicate a video of ours to use in an anthropology class on campus. The
problem -- they did not purchase the tape or rights to use the tape from
Appalshop. Apparently (from a conversation with a professor who wanted to
copy the tape) it was taped from a public television broadcast over two years
ago and is now being used in their media center.

What are our rights? I understand that the copying of material from a
broadcast is legal if it is used an educational setting, but the use is
limited to two weeks following the broadcast.

As I am fairly new here, and no one else seems to know, what is your opinion?
Is there a large publication in which I can purchase for reference? I need

Thanks, Carolyn Sturgill, Distributor, Appalshop Film & Video