Scott Allen (
Fri, 25 Oct 96 09:58:44 -0500

Our media dept. also uses the 3m security strips and plastic overlay to
circulate our cd's. We have never had any problems or complaints with this
system. As for the other question, it is usually very hard to prove if
someone has damaged a video unless they admit it directly or the damage is
visibly severe. We circulate a our videos until they can no longer play or
be repaired.

>Our Technical Services Dept. is receiving complaints from patrons about
>CD's sticking in their machines. We are currently placing a clear, round
>label on the CD to secure a security strip. Do other libraries have a
>similar problem?
>Also, we are interested in hearing about other library policies regarding
>damage to videos. When do you charge a patron for damage? How many times
>do you circulate a video before withdrawing it?
>You can e-mail me directly. Thanks in advance.

Scott Allen
Media Librarian
Midwestern State University