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Blue Eyed is distributed in Canada by Visual Education Centre. The cost is $240


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At 10:53 AM 10/22/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Actually, there's yet a third film about Jane Elliott, one that has
>just been completed, and it's called "Blue Eyed." I wonder if this was
>the title to which the instructor was referring. California Newsreel
>has just released "Blue Eyed" for $195. Jane Elliott takes viewers
>through a racial sensitivity workshop and talks about her life and
>work, including clips from the two earlier films and interviews with
>her former students. We posted info about "Blue Eyed" on Videonews a
>couple of weeks ago, but I guess that's not widely read. For more
>information, call or e-mail us or check out our web-site at the address
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