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The original film was "Eye of the Storm" Several years later a follow up
film on long term effects of the experiment was made called "A Class
Divided" Both titles are available for rent from Penn State. See
description of "EYE" below:
Title Eye of the Storm (31685)
Physical Color; sound
Copyrighted 1971
Length 29:00 min
Distributor Center for Humanities (CEFH)
Audience CA

Synopsis Explores the nature of prejudice, and how it is learned and
developed, by dividing a rural Riceville, Iowa, all-white
third-grade class into "blue eyes" and "brown eyes."
Details how discrimination was practiced against each group
on alternate days by using the color of eyes as a criterion
of superiority, and describes how academic performance was
related to whether a group was the "top dogs" or the
"underdogs." Explains how the teacher used the results of
this experiment to show the impact of prejudice throughout
the United States. Also see [if]A Class Divided[rf]
(50839), which examines the long-term effects of the
project. From the Human Relations series. Written,
directed, and produced by William Peters for ABC. Blue
Ribbon winner, American Film Festival.

Continue or Exit <C>?
Subjects Education; Racism; Education -- Methods; Group dynamics; Race
relations; Social problems; Anthropology(CANT); Media Restricted
to PSU(CPSU); Black Studies(CBLK); Education & Teacher
Training(CED); PCR(CPCR)

Alt Title A A Class Divided (50839)

Holdings 16mm, 7 copies, Rent $21.50
VHS, 2 copies, Rent $18.00


Please contact us at (800) 826-0132 Order line if youare interested in
renting either or both.


>At 02:39 PM 10/21/96 -0700, you wrote:
>>Hi everyone!!
>>Sometime ago, on the listserv, someone inquired about a video called "Brown
>>eyes, blue eyes" I'm not sure what the exact title is.
>>I know the content is about an experiment that was conducted (in the U.S.?)
>>using children with different colored eyes and was about prejudism etc..I
>>didn't think that I would ever need the info but.....
>>Well, I have an instructor that would like to know where he can obtain a
>>copy of this video.
>>Does anyone have any idea what the exact title is and who distributes it?
>>Thanks in advance,
>>Robert Hooft
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