Re[2]: Video on the Milgram Experiment

Agee, Jane (
Tue, 08 Oct 96 16:03:56 EST

You may be looking for "Obedience" that presents the experiment conducted at
Yale in 1962 by Stanley Milgram. It involves the administration of electrical
shocks. Our copy was purchased from Insight Media, 212-721-6316.

Jane Agee, Film Librarian, Duke University
Subject: Re: Video on the Milgram Experiment
Date: 10/8/96 3:39 PM

I seem to remember seeing a TV-movie or dramatic special some 12-15 years
ago (which was very good). I think it was called "The 10th Level." I
don't see it listed in any of my reference works.

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On Mon, 7 Oct 1996, Ginny Nordstrom wrote:

> If anyone knows of a video about the Milgram experiment (infliction of
> pain) or a video that includes a segment about this study, I would
> appreciate the information.
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