Re: CD - rom ordering and distribution
Tue, 08 Oct 1996 08:24:12 -0800 (PST)

UCC has a number of CD-Roms but all are the kind of material that
would be Reference in any format - journal d/bs, Cansim, PC Census,
Statutes of Canada. These are kept at the Ref desk and moved about
between our 3 workstations. We are also beginning to get some
videodisc material which are encyclopedia-type. These discs are kept
on reserve and the equipment is in a staff work area so that use
of it can be supervised. This is mainly because the equipment has
been put in place by the Nursing Department who are worried about
its security. As you can see, we have hardly got out feet wet yet,
in this area and it is hard to say where things will go but there
has been no demand so far for circulating CD-Roms
Rose Delap

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