Re: subliminal video

Daniel Bickley (
Fri, 4 Oct 1996 15:30:22 -0700

We are the distributor of "Ad and the Id: Sex, Death, and Subliminal
Advertising." You may order it directly from us or, if you prefer, from
International TeleFilm, our subdistributor in Canada.

I know that some of our Canadian customers prefer to order directly from
us, though others prefer ordering from Intl. Telefilm. This is because we
do not control their prices and sometimes it is less costly to get things
directly from us, even with the poor exchange rate and the additional
export service charge we must tack on. Either way, if you need additional
information, please let me know.

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>Am seeking a source (Canadian if possible - otherwise U.S) for the
>following video title:
>Can anyone help?
>Anne Roney, Video Librarian, London Public Library, London Ontario