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>A faculty member has requested videos dealing with the subject of "Black
>English". We have the series, "The Story of English" in which one of the
>segments deals with this topic.
>I searched OCLC for other titles, but most were dated. Are there any
>current titles?
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We have a short video with a production date of 1990 that you might find to
be of interest. Following is a description for MAIGRE DOG:


Produced in Halifax, MAIGRE DOG presents a group of women who share their
interpretations of traditional Jamaican expressions. The power of oral
history is illustrated as these women explain and elaborate on such
metaphors as: Sorry for maigre dog, they turn round and bite you; and New
broom sweeps clean but the old broom knows the corners. While the use of
this vernacular is an important part of their collective history, it is
decreasing as immigrants become assimilated into North American culture.
This is a celebration of the unusual ways life's situations and
disappointments are expressed through folkloric idioms. (8:00/1990)

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Jill Webber Hrabinsky

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