Re: video search - Amazing Adventures of Mr. Bean

pmeans (
Fri, 27 Sep 96 09:53:06 EST


SIGNALS has an entire series of MR. BEAN. They can be reached at
1-800-458-4535 or 1-800-782-5756. Their FAX # is 612-659-4495.

Pat Means
Austin College
Abell Library Ed. Media Cntr.
Sherman, TX

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Subject: video search - Amazing Adventures of Mr. Bean
Author: at internet
Date: 9/27/96 9:40 AM

Hello All,

We are looking for a videotape entitled:

"Amazing Adventures of Mr. Bean"

OCLC lists PolyGram Video as the distributor but I cannot locate them
anywhere, and the phone number given is not in service.

Any ideas, leads?

As always Thank You in advance,

Beth Traylor
Library Media
Golda Meir Library