Two queries: amalgamation and Phoenix

Harold David Rennie (
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 23:59:15 -0300

1) Does anyone on this list know of any worthwhile videos or CD-ROMs that
deal with a) municipal amalgamation and its aftermath, or
b) "what makes a great city?" A Canadian distributor would be preferred,
but is not essential.

2) I am searching for an item that supposedly ran recently on PBS. It
was a program about Phoenix, Ariz. and its innovations in civic government.
Unfortunately, the client does not know the title nor the exact date of
telecast. Two calls to PBS were unsuccessful, since they are set up
to search by title, not by subject. As far as I know, it is not the
segment on Phoenix that was included in Peters' _Excellence in the Public
Sector_, which is distributed by PBS. I have not been watching the _West_
series, so I do not know if it is part of that series. Any ideas what
this might be, and who distributes it?

Many thanks,
Harold Rennie
Halifax, Nova Scotia