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Jason Hamer (
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 09:57:11 -0500

Denice Adkins wrote:
> Help! I am looking for distributors for the following films:
> Scotland Yard's Chamber of Crime: True Stories from the Black Museum
> Bradshaw on the Family (we're looking specifically for volume 9)
> The Construction of Hoover Dam, filmed as it was built


Our company can definitely supply two of the three titles you requested.

Scotland Yard's Chamber of Crime
Using documentary footage and dramatic reenactments, this compelling
docudrama takes you into the shadowy world of the Black Museum to
investigate England's most notorious crimes.

Bradshaw on Family is a 3-tape set. If you're looking for Vol. 9 of a
Bradshaw series I'm guessing you want Bradshaw on Homecoming.

Bradshaw on Homecoming (series)
10-tape set. This Emmy nominated series presents new and powerful
insights into how we reclaim our wounded "inner child." Combines
excerpts from his Inner Child Workshops that powerfully, and often
painfully, demonstrate how re-connecting with your inner child can be a
source of hope and regeneration. As seen on PBS.

Bradshaw on Homecoming: Vol. 9
The Wonder Child

If you have any questions, or would like to order these titles you can
contact us at: 800.228.0164. BTW both titles listed above have public
performance rights. Hope I've been of help.

Jason Hamer
Instructional Video