Video Sources for Library showings?

Eugenia Bryant (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 14:49:16 -0500

Repeat of an original posting to PubLib Digest which received no responses.
Can VideoLib subscribers supply any information to my Library's
Coordinator of Public Relations and Programming?



Recently, our great resource for videos and 16mm films has notified us that
they will discontinue their service after August 31. I am in search of a
new place(s) to borrow or cheaply rent videos to show weekly to a group of
seniors. They would be so disappointed if, after 15 years of weekly
videos, we were unable to continue!

I show a variety, but concentrate on travel, biography, historical and
PBS-type offerings. Videos must have public performance rights. I would
be grateful for any suggestions you may have. Also, has anyone worked with
Blockbuster for this type of program problem?

My request for 16mm films comes from our Children's Department, also in
search of a new distributor.

Thank you for your help. And thank you to Eugenia Bryant for posting this
for me.

Kate Johnston-Legg
Coordinator of Programming/Public Relations
Morton Grove Public Library

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