Films on Irish Famine (fwd)

Harold David Rennie (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 12:20:24 -0300

The following message was posted on H-FILM, and I was hoping that someone
on this list might have some ideas. My own stabs at this are:

*an archival film from the NFBC on Partridge Island (a quarantine station
near Saint John, New Brunswick, where many Irish immigrants died)

*did any of the episodes in the series The Celts deal with this?

*the series _Ireland: A (Television?) History_, produced by BBC
and Radio Telefis Eirean, broadcast on PBS in the early 1980's

Except for the NFB item, I have no idea who would distribute these.

Harold Rennie

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Subject: Irish Famine

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On a Celtic listserv, people are asking about good films (including
documentaries) that address the issue of Irish potato famine...
So, are there any films, documentaries especially, that show the issues?
If possible, we'd like to see **both** sides of this issue addressed. Any