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Dear Cornelius- if you have a catalog to send me that would be very
helpful- my postal address is:
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>Dear Ms. Chapman:
>I believe that THE HARDER THEY COME is/was available from Films Inc. in
>Neither Simeon nor Sarah Maldoror's film on Cesaire has a US
>distributor. I'm happy to see that California Newsreel jas just picked
>up an excellent new documentary by Euzhan Palcy on Aime Cesaire. It's
>in three parts, each about 50 minutes dealing with various aspects of
>his literary and political life. We also have Isaac Julien's new
>documentary on another Martinican, Frantz Fanon, a film of the same
>name. And finally a new documentary on the multicultural society of
>French Guyana, AWARA SOUP. Please send your postal address for more
>Cornelius Moore
>You wrote:
>>Can anyone help with these Caribbean titles? Many thanks in advance...
>>1. The Harder They Come, made by **Percy Henzell (I don't think I
>have his
>>name quite right.) An excellent Reggae music film, made for a
>>popular>audience, but better & better each time
>>2. Simeon, by **Euzhan Palcy also.
>>3. Sarah Maldoror is Martiniquean, and made a film about Cesaire
>>remember title), as well as a film about Angolan Reevolution called
>>4. **Sambizanga.
>> She married the number 2 man in the MPLA, in Angola, and the film is
>>strongly tilted
>>towards their cause. Excellent film, based on novel by Luandino


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